About Us

AXiS Entertainment is based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and offers event production, coordination, and promotion, as well as artist management and booking. The AXiS team is lead by "Sunshine", CEO and founder of AXiS, who has established herself as a leader in the entertainment industry nation-wide.

Sponsor Inquiries

AXiS Entertainment is always looking for new partners in the ever-changing world of entertainment. Please check out our "sponsors" tab above for more information.

Local Support

AXiS is dedicated to supporting the local music scene. By working with local and regional venues on a variety of events, AXiS is continuing its mission of helping artists in Oklahoma, and the region.

KNOW Tulsa Music

Check out www.knowtulsamusicmagazine.com with new features: Blog, Meet the Band, Artist Spotlight, Events, Music, Videos, and MUCH MORE!


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